And Kilroy, Too

2nd New England summer, so things begin to repeat. Especially the good ones, like a summer day picnicking along a riverbank in the shade. The Connecticut River is the longest river in  New England region, flowing roughly southward for 406 miles through four states. It rises at the U.S. border with Quebec, Canada, and discharges at Long Island Sound. Hmm…

P.S. Sue likes to draw, too.


Early Summer 2019

On Memorial Day – lovely weather – we headed out early for a slow day of drawing, reading, eating, and plain old sittin’. Friends from Missoula visited in June, which took us to Shelburne Falls. Closer to home, there’s always the Amherst Farmers’ Market, in full glory of summer. But biggest of all, the day we turned 140, we also closed the deal on our new house in Shutesbury.

The picnic poem is a Darms’ family favorite, culled from Donald Duck comics. And did you notice that Eyes Wide Open is wearing a watch? It’s emblematic of the busy summer we were heading into. I’m hoping she will take it off very soon.

Super Bowl

We went to the Boston Library in February specifically to see the John Singer Sargent murals, but my lettering friend Lee Littlewood (“Lee’s Better Letters” – and I were much more ‘drawn’ to the lettering overhead, in an arch, stupendously squeezed and combined. How funny, then, to find ourselves at the hub of Boston’s celebration Super Bowl parade.

Emptiness Project Redux

I had to look wayyy back to March 2017 to find the original “Emptiness Project” page. When I began the project, I surely had no idea it would bring me here, New England (Shutesbury, Massachusetts to be exact), or why. But, I credit the Emptiness Project with this trajectory. Even so, I realize daily, there is much more emptiness for me to come by. I guess I’ll just have to continue waiting, and see.