Where’s EWO?

While at the Whitney, we kept crossing paths with the young students. We needed a rest; there are benches with huge windows overlooking the Hudson, and there they were again, each one sketching. Me, too! The boy on the right was especially hard at work, lost in his drawing, & was reluctant to give up his drawing board and leave. I liked that.



We explored a new section of New York – the Lower East Side; Katz’s Deli on the corner (well, ok, but really? Sandwiches cost $27! There are lines for those sandwiches!). Favorite pleasure was the 14th/15th floors: lobby & rooftop bar, with nearly 360° views … looking down, looking across, you couldn’t go wrong.

But you know, I returned home, grateful to be home, with a gnawing unease about this American world of ours. The tenderness factor grows more & more elusive.

Summer in Winter, Part II

Sometimes, when you sits-n-draw, the only thing to draw is what you’re drawing! ¶ Sometimes no-sense makes all-the-sense.

I had to ask EWO where she’s been … I haven’t seen her for too long. I think she got a little lost for a little while … she is so like me … and besides all that, she forgot!