The State of May

A very good friend, Richard Jester, has left us. He was the art director at Oregon Magazine, where he caused me to be so much better at my work. Richard was special; I will truly miss the conversations we have had over the years, and my gratitude to him knows no bounds. Requiescat in pace, Richard.

Cape Ann

Blessed with better weather than expected, our first outing in 400 days, wondering exactly how long it had been since we’ve been to the beach, this trip was rife with possibility . . . but the world had changed; it felt weird out there. Masks in place, a smile has become a certain crinkle in the eye, or are we all still so very wary?

From Winter to Spring

I’m not really sure where all the time is going . . . but I am sure that not getting out much has put a dent in my sketchbook. A winter-time outing was rare; we made it up to the heights above Quabbin to draw from the car, but then, look . . . ! On May Day 2021 the world begins to open up, and what a treasure, what a pleasure, to get out in it for a little bit.

Looking back

Time enough this winter to pore through sketchbooks … 8 are complete! Many pages I’ve never posted, so this one wanted to make an appearance. One of our trips to NYC, before we decided to move, I tell the story of Kennis and her Polaroid camera. Drawing creates memory … and it seems to also create friends. Lucky me.