Local Locales

So there’s being a little bit of travel this summer, just closer to home. I need to return to Williams College, with an appointment scheduled in their rare book room … they have manuscripts!

What I especially like about this page is that I neglected to finish my pen-flourished W. Seemed the best place to sign.


A day late for Valentine’s, but it will have to do. ¶ Not much drawing all this time, so I’m digging back – plenty to choose from – and this page was calling. ¶ It also causes me happiness to think of favorite Astoria places: Fort Clatsop, Hwy 30 driving to Sue’s farm, coffee shops galore, or simply sitting on our river-side porch on a late summer afternoon.

All Caught Up?

I’ll tell a story on myself ¶ Working on the page, I mis-spelled Manhattan. While trying to turn my E into A, Greg glances over and says, “It looks like the Manhattan Bridge” . . . and now, voila, solved. ¶ The moral here, always and for all artists: The surprise of a mistake can turn out better than anything you might think of with your mind. ¶ And that, my friends, is that . . . at least for now.