In the Beginning


2008 – The beginning. Mari Le Glatin Keis came to Astoria to teach her famous Travelling Sketchbook workshop. We were so lucky; her classes were mostly in Oaxaca or Provence, but we talked her into this crazy idea of coming here, to our funky little town. And so she did.

My sketchbooks up to this point had been mostly graphite and very rough, but oh, I wanted to draw! She led us through exercises in the mornings and off we went for the rest of the day around town: sketch-walking, a sailboat sketch, different locations each day. I love this page because those leading up to it have me struggling, typically, trying so hard to let go. This was the beginning of Day 3, and while Mari read to us from Zen and the Art of Seeing (Frederick Franck) I was busy drawing, trying to catch her beautiful spirit (she rarely held still). From out of the deep blue somewhere, Eyes Wide Open made her first appearance. . . and I was off and running/sketching.


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