Book of Hours

Day-One_SB3Beguiled by the Books of Hours I sometimes study, I have long wanted to find my own working version, which demanded that I employ all three things: drawing, writing, and calligraphy. The challenge has always been that I could manage any 2 of the above, but never all 3 in a way that worked. But … after 3 years I had grown comfortable with my sketchbook, and on my 60th birthday, I set out with the goal of at least one drawing a day, no matter what. Anything.

This page began the first book, and since then I have completed 3 books, always beginning on my birthday. A nice way to start a new year.


PS. You might notice I’ve been saying that the St. Johns bridge was designed by the guy who buillt the Brooklyn Bridge. I was wrong! Henry Hornbostel, the designer of the St. Johns Bridge in Portland actually designed the Williamsburg Bridge in New York. It, too, is quite lovely.





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