Pelican Day


I’m currently enjoying a class at Clatsop Community College – Nature Journalling, taught by our friend, Julie Tennis, who is a bit of everything when it comes to nature. A bee keeper, a sketcher, a friend of all creatures. This class is mostly about learning to take field notes; how to observe. We study in class on Wednesdays and go out every other Saturday for a field trip. Last Saturday she arranged for us to visit the Wildlife Center of the North Coast – a place that rescues birds and does it quietly, carefully, and with great compassion.

We first were given a tour of all the pens and then set ourselves up inside a large netted area with cormorants, brants, and two pelicans, an adult male brown and a teen-aged male white. After an hour with the birds (they settle down after we’ve been sitting awhile), we moved on to visit a large group of murres. Cutest little guys; they would approach us and peer at us with questioning eyes.


Isn’t he beautiful? (Photo courtesy of Julie Tennis)


10 thoughts on “Pelican Day

  1. My favorite part of the pelican page is the wonderfully incongruent medieval rabbit-snake-whatever guy. He’s just hanging out at the top of the page, trying to fit in with the birds. But he’s not a 2014 pelican in Astoria. He’s from another time and place! Fresh-sprung from the mind of Christi!

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