Find Your Voice


Talking recently with a friend, the subject of ‘finding your voice’ came up. This morning’s reading led me to the same thought. When did I realize I was, finally, pretty well grown up and actually had a voice, my voice, in my work? How did that happen?

I explored some of my sketchbook pages looking for examples. I realized that that particular ‘miracle’ (for it is a big accomplishment in my life) just happened. While I wasn’t paying attention. Because instead, I was busy sketching.

I really love this page; I stayed with it for two months, carefully, between the dates of my mom’s death anniversary, and my son’s birthday. This page is fully what I strive for in my “Book of Days” – drawing, writing, medieval studies and calligraphy – but mostly, reflection. I found my voice; now my job is just to try and give it.


7 thoughts on “Find Your Voice

  1. beautiful page… and words… remembering that our voices come from within… and remembering the people, places, events of our lives that give it meaning … and remembering to pause and honor it all. thanks, Christi

  2. I am so happy for you, Christi, because you have found your voice. Regarding these beautiful pages, I found a quote from Jeri Eisenberg (from her statement). “If it (the work) provides a hint of the infinite and eternal in the here and now, I am all the more pleased.” carol

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