Medieval Map of Home


I’ve been in a medieval frame of mind of late. I thought I’d bring up an old piece from my drawings collection, which was created as a “medieval map” of where I live ā€“ the John Day River near the mouth of the Columbia River. It’s an historic gillnet community; a pretty fun place to be. If you look closely, you might see some of the neighborhood dogs (where’s Zephyr?), a sea lion swimming, Heron Point, Cormorant Piling, our ducks, the neighbor boys swimming (by riding a bicycle off their dock), Mr. Johnson walking across the bridge, Tom’s dump truck, and more. Stop and sit for a spell with me outside on the deck, dreaming about summer, and watching the world float by.


7 thoughts on “Medieval Map of Home

  1. NIce piece, Christi. I like the inclusive way the river closes around the houseboats, and the highway as reduced to a narrow unobtrusive strip. I couldnt pick out the boys riding a bike into the river. That does sound like fun. Roger

    • Well … using the compass rose, we are ESE … see a mailbox, wrap-around porch, a canoe to the right (and our ducks), smoke rising, because we are home! (hm … does that make it both winter and summer?) … oh! I’d better draw some chairs on the deck for us to sit in!

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