Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have a workshop with UK calligrapher extraordinaire, Ewan Clayton. We studied the lettering of Ben Shahn ā€“ and what fun we had. During the two-day class, I sat up late the first night to concoct something for my final day. That piece is currently hanging in the Portland Society for Calligraphy’s annual show at Multnomah Art Center. It’s different from this one, as the lettering is all black, it’s more carefully conceived, and … it’s not as alive as this one! Once again, the joy of a sketchbook wins out over “fine art.” Ha!

Oh, and the week before, our drawing group was at the Barbey Maritime Center, part of Columbia River Maritime Museum here in Astoria. I love that place.


5 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Christi– I always love to see and enjoy your posts! Hope you and Astoria are still thriving. Hope to return to your little slice of heaven someday soon…:-)

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