An earlier time

Suomi_SB1 Sometimes I like to go back to the beginnings, if just to notice how my style has changed or to remember in a visceral way small memories from years ago. I like the freshness I find here – drawing with my group at a local coffeehouse, the box of sweaters we were invited to choose from after yoga class …. But especially a day in Portland as I quietly watched the people around me.


2 thoughts on “An earlier time

  1. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. my readers are so happy to have something new every single day – and they like variety, so it is always nice to have links to other artists. if you ever do any envelopes, let us know. thanks, jean

    • it was a fun and serendipitous encounter, brought about by our mutual friend. I appreciate you running with it. And don’t you just love Alan Blackman’s envelopes?

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