Who Cares?


In my little corner of the world, I wake up troubled. We had a picnic yesterday at Chinook County Park – a wonderful old-fashioned under-used spot on the Washington side near the mouth of the Columbia River. Later, I read in the Daily Astorian about specifics of the current “wildlife management” practice to save our salmon; it seems the cormorant population has risen exponentially and pose a threat to the fish. Out on an unnamed island near the town of Chinook, “men” and their “rifles with silencers” are shooting hundreds of nesting cormorants, and then “oiling the eggs” so they will not hatch.

A children’s book by Margaret Wise Brown that I used to read to my son has this prayer in it. I find myself reciting it more and more.


5 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. Christi, this is a touching prayer, and beautifully presented by your calligraphy. Your efforts– , words, here may effect some change . Peoples minds may be opened. There is hope. carol

  2. So appropriate! I am taking Christine’s Nature a writing class and today she wanted to discuss this. I think she will call Bob Salinger from Audubon. Specifically she wanted to know how ACOE could proceed when the majority of the comments were against it. Helps one understand the people who hate government.

  3. I mostly keep coming back around to … “I am troubled.” Something is very wrong with this picture. I appreciate the comments, but I do wish we had a better handle on this business of being human.

  4. Thank you, Christi. What is profoundly disturbing is the fact that the public comments were overwhelmingly against the killing of the thousands of cormorants. What good is a public comment period if the federal agency ignores the public? This is not just a tragedy for wildlife, it is a glaring failure of the federal government to honor its citizens. We do not live in a democracy. If we did, the cormorants would still be alive.

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