A Sketchbook Lesson


Perhaps, if you’re a regular visitor, you’ve wondererd about all the odd boxes in my pages. So I think it’s time for a little lesson, ala Christi. I find if I open the book to start drawing on a blank page, I am often stilted. Very early in the game this technique made its presence known, and it works: Before heading out for a day of drawing, settle yourself into a quiet state and simply put some color on the page. A loose background wash, a border, or, as I do, boxes and lines. I tend to keep my palette for the boxes pretty simple and consistent – never splashy or bright – and recurring colors. Then into the day; I don’t think about it very much at all – I just start drawing and the page unfolds all by itself, as if by magic. Sometimes I use the boxes, but often I ignore them. It doesn’t matter. I invite you to scroll back through the pages to see lots of examples.


Ah, and then, there’s the trip to NYC. I did not draw as much as I usually do; this tended to be a time for lots of rest. This page, though, was fun as I was trying to catch small vignettes from the train window, which I think is the special wonder of train travel. And  there was our day in Chicago which found me spending a lovely half day in the Newberry copying medievals, two styles of which I was able to get onto the page here. The scene at the bottom was our view from the Congress Plaza Hotel out onto Lake Michigan.

It was a fine trip; thanks for joining me for part of it.


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