The Owl Story


Yesterday I was telling a friend the owl story, so I’ve gone back to an earlier year to find it to share with you. I have a hankering to be a cartoonist, and this is one of my few attempts.

I love this story; I’ll give a little more detail. Camping in Central Oregon, I climbed out of the tent at 3 am; the moon was half and shining brightly behind me. My hair was a tangle after swimming earlier. I stood for a minute, then turned facing the moon and at just that moment, something flew into my face. “Eek” I said quietly, and Greg from inside the tent asked, “What?” “I think a bat just flew into my face.”

I went off to the restroom and when I returned he asked me, “What did it feel like?” and I told him with my hands – wings enveloping my face and something soft and warm. He said, “That was no bat; that had to be an owl.”

We’ve puzzled over it often and have come to this conclusion: My hair in the moonlight looked like a fur pelt and a tasty treat. The owl was definitely heading directly for me. But when I turned at just the last second and the owl realized its mistake, I can imagine it literally putting on the brakes, talons receding, and running square into me. It didn’t hurt.

As I thought back on it, I could ‘see’ in my memory a bit of a vision of that owl as it approached, lit by moonlight. But I can attest for a fact, owls truly are deadly silent.
I never heard a sound.


8 thoughts on “The Owl Story

  1. I am so glad that you turned at just the right moment to feel soft feathers in your face instead of sharp talons in your beautiful hair! A rare experience indeed. One to be treasured and remembered often through drawings, and story telling…

  2. Wow, what a great story and informative too…comb my hair or avoid bathroom/camping/hiking in the dark. Guess some things do go bump in the night afterall. Thanks Again, Nancy

  3. i remember the owl story but got a great laugh hearing it again and seeing the expression on both you and the owl’s face!

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