The Turning of the Year


2015 comes to a close. I especially love this particular week between Christmas and New Year’s; few expectations but to relax and be quiet. A jigsaw puzzle in the works on the dining room table; watching the birds at the feeder or the grebes in the river.

I’ve been spending some of my time closing out Sketchbook #6 and readying #7. What I love about a new sketchbook is – like the year to come – I do not know what will be inscribed on the pages.

Because I’ve been doing this for over 7 years, I’ve struggled with the repetition of things to draw in my life, and, admittedly, sometimes I get bored. So I haven’t been drawing as much. But I find I am missing that activity in my day. I think there is a change a’coming – a new way to approach the page, and maybe my own life – I wonder what it will be?

Anyway, I leave you – and the year 2015 – with this perhaps final page of the current book: Solstice with my friend Christine (I blasphemously spell her name with an X … because how often does a calligrapher get to use that letter?) and with Greg, Susan and Roger. We had a wonderful little holiday in Portland.


6 thoughts on “The Turning of the Year

  1. I recognize that weathergram! And I just bought a new sketchbook for Cora Pearl’s class, so I have that feeling too. Happy New Year!

  2. I agree. This “between week” is special. Good wishes to you for the coming year. May you find satisfying ways to fill the blank pages. Susan

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