Greg & Christi’s Great Adventure


Dateline: New York City, March 6 2016

We arrived on March 1. Ever since, a bit of transitional angst has kept me too busy to connect with family and friends. Today it occurs to me, I can catch a lot of birds with one little blog. Once again … Traveling Sketchbook to the rescue. It’s already here and done … all I need to do is send it out. (OK, with a modicum of words.)

Our countdown began the day we closed down Duckburg, our home in Astoria, to catch the Empire Builder bound for Chicago/New York Penn Station. I had managed to score a sleeper; we usually travel coach so this was a blessing and made the trip easier on us.


But the actual Day One was Tuesday evening, March 1: move into our new apartment for the next 3 months. I had booked it sight unseen, tho I had perused the photos so many times I felt I knew it by heart. And when we arrived, thankfully it was just as advertised, and in some ways even better.

So here we are in our “garden apt.” – the bottom floor of a 4-floor brownstone – on Manhattan Ave and W. 122 (Lower Harlem). It’s large, beautiful, and will suit us very well.

The weather? Cold and dry, and we had an inch of snow on Friday. But in a few days forecast is mild and sunny. Oh boy.

For now, we still have much to do. And I’m itching to get on with doing it. I love New York!



8 thoughts on “Greg & Christi’s Great Adventure

  1. That IS one heck of an A, but then it all sounds grand, too–my little green envy light is burning bright.. Hope my home town treats you well–the hardest part is figuring out where to start.

  2. WOW! Three months in NYC! What an adventure. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventure. Was there something special that brought you to NYC? I loved the train ride back in January and trust you had a good journey. The conversations over meals were good fun.

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