Catching up before moving on


Already the 2nd week in New York? eek. Because I am still catching my breath, I want to try getting this current sketchbook recorded chronologically. It’s nice, too, because it gives me a chance to indulge in a little bout of homesickness; I miss my town, my house, my friends, my swim class …

And since my big A from last blog caused a stir, I’ll include more. This manuscript from Heidelberg University has so captured my interest, I return to it over and over.


I can see from the few pages I was able to finish before we left, that the only real time I had to sketch was during our drawing group’s gatherings. At Vintage Hardware, a very popular drawing spot, I got a lesson in circles and perspective from Robert Paulmenn.

And, last but not least, is the Celtic Knot extravaganza. I had to brush up on my technique so that I could teach a workshop in January at Astoria’s Art Loft.

There! All caught up. See you next time in NYC…


2 thoughts on “Catching up before moving on

  1. My comment is WOW. I am crazy about the lattice work near Feb 11. Are your eyes uncrossed yet from producing that? I realize these images are not necessarily inspired by your NYC residency – will anticipate seeing some of that. I REALLY LOVE YOUR ART WORK!

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