More Max Caffé


Plenty of places to sit and draw, so I’m taking full advantage. Discovery of places we love. The Hungarian Pastry Shop, for example. The angels that seem to appear more and more. The synchronicities that make me wake up and take notice. Something is happening here! And no, what it is ain’t exactly clear. To be continued …


11 thoughts on “More Max Caffé

  1. I am thrilled as always with your choice of subject and intriguing commentary. These latest observations appear to be from a very foreign country.
    What might be the next corner you might turn????
    Just got away with myself, by myself and enjoyed it immensely.
    Thinking of you with EWO,

    • New York seems like a foreign country; that’s one of the things that’s great about it. Next corner … coming up. And McLaren, I continue to appreciate your attention to Eyes Wide Open and our adventures. Big hug.

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