Horror vacui


In visual art, horror vacui (from Latin “fear of empty space”) is the filling of the entire surface of a space or an artwork with detail. I am very familiar with this phenomenon through my study of medieval illumination; it’s often a bit of a joke among calligraphers … but … 

I begin to fear the joke is on me! Perhaps I did spend an earlier life in a scriptorium, drudging away at illuminated letters; and perhaps that life is dripping over my edges now, as I gaze at manuscripts in the museums, gargoyles on the buildings, and entombments in the Cloisters.

This week between Palm Sunday and Easter – I had a lot of happy drawing amid outings with Greg. The weather has been springlike and sunny; good for the spirits. And again, what I discovered was that, as much as I like discovering NYC, I like the long sits-and-draws time the best!

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