Detail and Shadow


Two more sketchbook secrets: detail and shadow. I have had to rein myself in here in New York – else I’d never get to eat! So I’m working toward more detail, less full-on what-I-see-is-what-I-draw. And this turns out to be a good thing, the kind that makes me happy. This lesson is to myself – more details.

Shadow – is what I believe causes a drawing to have life. My trusty Derwent ‘Payne’s Grey’ to the rescue. I probably use more gray than any other single color (I’ve marked the top of this pencil so I can find it quickly).

Water Taxi Day! So far I deem this the Best NY Day Ever.


4 thoughts on “Detail and Shadow

  1. Really enjoying fern green and a yellow water taxi!
    How fun to wander and then recover with oysters and beer.
    Shadows and perspective – your art is fantastic. Love to you two, McL

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