Bas de Page


The medieval work sneaks in when I’m not looking. Eyes Wide Open says, “Let me play, too!”

We spent a day (of not sketching) at the Antiquarian Book Fair, and I felt so rich from it I bought myself a page of a 13th c. French bible, the filigree of which I’ve been practicing.


And, a sunny Sunday at New York Botanical in the Bronx. On the Bronx River. It was a lovely slow day, the cherry trees in bloom, azaleas in the forest, and the first peony.


4 thoughts on “Bas de Page

  1. Loved seeing Eyes Wide Open on a Skateboard with Medival Script! I can tell that you both are in a playful mood. Have fun!
    Love, Vicki

  2. Love reading about your travels – I am living vicariously and deliciously through your posts and delighting in your sketches.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE New York!  Thank you for sharing!  

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