Isn’t the ability to look back a wonderful gift? I turned 65 while in New York, and the sense of a life lived has been upon me. We cannot know what lies ahead, but we can (mostly) remember from whence we’ve come. The sketchbook is my doorway, rich with memory, at least for these past 8 years.

I told Greg recently, if I get so old I don’t remember, just pile my sketchbooks nearby. That should do me just fine.


4 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. It is a gift to have many years of life on this planet circling in space. My beloved Mother, a member of SRF believed that we are all here for a purpose. It is our task to find our purpose. We seek security in our homes on plots made by surveyors’ instruments but security does not necessarily reveal our purpose. At one time in my life I asked to be admitted into a monastic order. It seemed so perfect, away from all the demands and desires of every day living, I would be able to find my true purpose. It was not to be. Recently, while standing alone in the middle of my living room, so quiet, so peaceful….I raised my arms in thanksgiving for this,,,my space for over 30 years~my monastic cell.

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