One of my “main” goals was to explore some of the coast of Maine on this trip, so we set aside 10 days after New York and headed north. It was great; the heat of summer held off, and the New England roads beckoned. I really enjoy this spread because of the stories behind the drawings that come back to me in full sensory remembering. ¶ Encouraged to visit the Pemaquid Lighthouse … We didn’t know lighthouses could be so little! Beach-combing on the Georgetown Peninsula before the summer crowds descended, we had the surf to ourselves. And then we discovered Camden – magical! – as dozens of pre-schoolers were out to sail their hand-made wooden sailboats for their end-of-year celebration. What color, what joy!

But most of all, my day alone to the Cranberry Isles on the mail boat. It was an escape from Bar Harbor, thick with tourists, while Greg explored Acadia National Park. I took “avoiding tourists” to a new high, and I can easily say I had those islands to myself. Back on the late afternoon ferry with Greg to meet me, I was intent on one more quintessential Maine treat. We hunted down a lobster shack, I met my lobster face to face, and I ate him. Can I just say (without offending anyone out there?), I won’t be doing that again … ever.


5 thoughts on “Mainely

  1. Loved your lighthouse drawing and your mailboat adventure! Don’t give up eating lobster, just order from the menu not the tank! I also loved your description of “enough old salts to fill a cellar”! It made me smile! Thank you for taking me along on your trip to Maine.
    Love, Vicki

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