The Emptiness Project


I haven’t been drawing much. Instead, I am devoting myself to The Emptiness Project; an act of letting go, even while unsure what that actually means. It began, well, in New York a year ago, though I didn’t realize it until recently, and now that it has a title, I take it more seriously; more to heart.

But, I feel the call for a current page for you, whoever is listening out there in the great beyond. So, looking back I found this, and I look upon it with, well, tenderness. For my town on a dark cold winter’s night. It has been a dark winter, hasn’t it! I am today aware of green shoots pushing through our garden mud. Maybe . . . some light will be coming our way.


13 thoughts on “The Emptiness Project

  1. My eyes have been wide open looking for you and your drawings.
    Thank you for sending word and a touch from the past.
    I’m fine now. Take your time. I know you are emptying things out.

  2. Very efficiently written post. It will be valuable to everyone who employess it, including yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

  3. The sun found a crack in the cloudcover that brought us hail all night long. and with those few minutes of sunlight, my rows of crocus stood up and opened wide. Last week was great sharing rain and fog with the Draw group. It helps to spread it around.

  4. Winter quiets everything down. Thinking of you up there in the cold, grey north while I am down here in the cold, grey south!

  5. Love the image of Cannery Pier Hotel on a Cold Winter’s night and being warm and cozy inside! I hope signs of Spring continue to appear after ANOTHER recent cold spell that brought you snow and hail in MARCH!
    Love you and miss you, Christi!
    See you in May,

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