A Nice Surprise

Besides working in my sketchbook, I am also hooked on small graphite drawings. These hang at RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon, and are almost strictly images of Our Town … especially boats. Last summer I had a special day when Jeannine, the owner of RiverSea, called to tell me I had sold three of the drawings. What made this very cool was that they were purchased by Astoria’s City Council and presented to our Sister City of Waldorf, Germany (think “Waldorf-Astoria” and you will know the West Coast version of this famous landmark) during our summer Regatta. I still get a thrill when I realize these little guys are now hanging in the Mayor’s office and the City Council halls of Waldorf, Germany.

Because this is the web and you can enlarge these images, please keep in mind that the originals are only 2 inches tall. They come with their own magnifying glass.


17 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. Christi, you should be very proud. What an honor to have them hanging in Germany! They are beautiful and really catch the feeling of Astoria.

  2. I LOVE your little boat drawings! How delightful that 3 of them have traveled to Waldorf GERMANY to find a home on the walls of local government!
    😘 Vicki

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