Our Cows

I haven’t been drawing. It might be because of winter and we haven’t been exploring much. Or it might be something else. In the meantime, allow me to proudly announce perhaps our biggest achievement since arriving in New England.

We both won the Barstow Farm’s Calf Naming Contest!

Barstow is one of the many farm stores around these parts. We like to go there for breakfast; they make a mean egg sandwich with all the trimmings and all the ambience of, well, a farm store. Our last visit there we noticed on the bulletin board pictures of 8 calves born in November, and they needed names. The only rule, all names had to begin with U – it is their way of keeping tabs on who is born when. Greg and I went at it: Umptious, Ulysses, U-Kow-Le-Le …

We were surprised and pleased when an envelope from Barstow’s arrived, especially to discover we had both won. The prize? Free ice cream cones at Barstow’s; we’ll be saving those for summer.

… or Pasture Day, that spring-like day in May when they release the cows from the barn after a long winter indoors; the sight of them frolicking toward the grass a sight worth watching. (Barstow’s makes a day of it; bring a picnic.)

… and please note, in Unice’s picture, if you look closely, you can see Uberkow patiently waiting his turn.

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