A Quabbin Summer Solstice

You’d think, with all this extra time, I could keep up with my sketchbook … I’m not even drawing that much right now. So be it. Quabbin Reservoir is amazing … you can look it up … Western Massachusetts’ watershed, wisely protected and guarded (don’t even think about wading), it’s pristine and uncrowded. We drive 5 minutes, walk 1/2 mile, and settle for hours.

The text is a big bit of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem, “That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire,” which tends to go on and on. I’m fond of words that never seem to end.

7 thoughts on “A Quabbin Summer Solstice

  1. “Named for the Nipmuc Indian word meaning “meeting of many waters,” Quabbin is one of the largest man-made drinking water reservoirs in the United States.” // Very interesting shape – almost a W.

  2. What a lovely spot to discover on a hot day at solstice! All to yourselves, until-PEOPLES! We keep having that same stunned reaction to seeing people, when hiking or loading and unloading our kayak. So unnatural to be alarmed and want distance, but that is what we now want and require!
    Good to see your posts again, Christi!
    💕 Vicki

  3. Good to see your post and know you are doing ok and finding lovely spots to re-create yourselves.
    Looking forward to our heat wave going away but otherwise all is well.
    Be well,


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