Almost There

This ballot box has been in use in our town for a very long time. Put in the ballot, turn the crank, the bell rings, the number goes up 1, the vote is counted.

As I watch 2020 flying out the door, I’m going to be the contrarian. It’s been an incredibly valuable year, one that will change us, is changing us, in ways we never imagined (unless we are sci-fi devotees), and in ways that are not all bad. This year is heralding us into something we can perhaps imagine far better. To slow down. To conserve. To honor the ‘other,’ no matter who or what it might be. To be alone, and cherish that time. To be contemplatives and activists. To vote!

On November 4, the day after elections, we still didn’t know who our president for the next 4 years would be. It was a difficult day, and the only way I could bear up was to hold a day (it turned out to be many days) of silent vigil.

On November 3, the day of the election, I showed up at our tiny town hall to do my small duty; I volunteer at the poll. Our town has about 1700 residents. 1504 are registered to vote, and through the course of that day our votes were counted – 1338 of them. For that, I am deeply proud, both of this small town and our large nation.

Be of good cheer . . . please! Welcome in the future, and do what you can do to make it better.

13 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. I could not agree more, Christi! I do think those of us who are habituated to a lot of time alone … with our creative endeavors and craft … have
    not suffered. I have been very content.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year and sending love. Janie

  2. Thank you for your positive take on 2020. I think contemplatives have had an easier time of it than those who are not so inclined. Happy New Year to you and Greg! :-)Kathleen Kinkela-Love

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights, Christi. This will be a year of many challenges and much HOPE for a better future. It will take all of us taking positive actions to make positive change happen!
    🌟 Let’s all create a Brighter Future in 2021🌟
    With Love, Vicki

  4. I agree, many good things have come out of this terrible year. I see people playing with their children, taking walks, reaching out to others. The air is cleaner, birds are more active. I never saw myself as a person who spent money unnecessarily, but since March I have been able to save. My house is cleaner, my garden more well-cared for. In any occurrence, no matter how tragic, there is a small gift to be found, if we look hard enough.

  5. So beautifully said, and illustrated! This year has given me tools, lessons, breakthroughs, epiphanies, and the kind of resolve that I will need for the next 40 years of my life.

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