Passing Time

Our first winter in New England. We enjoyed it more than we dreamed; for one thing, there is a lot of bright sunshine. My spirits notice this, and celebrate. Afternoons from time to time get spent in a coffee shop; while Greg studies, transcribes, draws or writes, I am lettering – joyful ways to pass time and drop into wordlessness. ¶ The above is a sample of illumination found in the Luttrell Psalter. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, it’s a challenge to navigate, hence it becomes a lovely puzzle for me to solve. Life is good. (¶ P.S. I often get good quotes from Greg as he’s reading nearby.)

Bas de Page


The medieval work sneaks in when I’m not looking. Eyes Wide Open says, “Let me play, too!”

We spent a day (of not sketching) at the Antiquarian Book Fair, and I felt so rich from it I bought myself a page of a 13th c. French bible, the filigree of which I’ve been practicing.


And, a sunny Sunday at New York Botanical in the Bronx. On the Bronx River. It was a lovely slow day, the cherry trees in bloom, azaleas in the forest, and the first peony.