Postcards from New York


I proudly present the three postcards I made while travelling. I wonder where they are now? Oh wait, there was one more, because exposure to Sol Lewitt always inspires me:





Isn’t the ability to look back a wonderful gift? I turned 65 while in New York, and the sense of a life lived has been upon me. We cannot know what lies ahead, but we can (mostly) remember from whence we’ve come. The sketchbook is my doorway, rich with memory, at least for these past 8 years.

I told Greg recently, if I get so old I don’t remember, just pile my sketchbooks nearby. That should do me just fine.

Gemini Twins


Our NY adventure was to be for 3 months, but that would have had us moving out on May 31 … our birthday .. and that wouldn’t do. Hence one extra week into June, just so we could have a day. And we did. It was warm. We were 134 years old. We ended on a high note, dinner and jazz at Birdland. You’ll have to read close to discover our best birthday surprise.

Today, a week later, this is the last thing for me to do in our Lower Harlem apartment. It’s clean, car’s loaded, (and I do mean loaded) and we are off for two more weeks of New England, and our train ride home.

It’s been great!

I have two words to say


If only I could pronounce them. Who doesn’t love a name like ‘Spuyten Duyvil’?

The warm weather in New York … once I calmed down and went even slower, I have had some very sweet times in the city. Starting out early on the north tip of Manhattan in a shady breeze, I felt utter happiness. On to the Cloisters from there – the coolest spot in town! – with the surprise of having the owl lady show up again! We had a nice visit and
I got to show her my owl eyes, which apparently made her happy too!



Yep, summer’s comin’, and boy is it humid and very very warm. I’m about to melt. As well, we’ll be leaving soon, so we’ve been out and about for bigger days, finishing up our list of where-to-go’s.

The day we headed north to Harlem to explore Audubon Terrace and discovered the American Academy of Arts and Letters. It opens only about 2 months a year, and was holding their annual juried show. What a treat, what a delight, what a surprise.

So many things don’t make it into my sketchbook – I’ve never mentioned the 100 sheep onstage during a theater performance, for example. But for me, these are found in between the lines and around the margins of my pages. Drawing always helps me with memory.

Owl Eyes


Sue and Roger came to New York! We had 5 days to play, and a lot of it was in the park. Birds seemed to be a theme. A Broadway play, a boat ride, Italian dinners, and a birthday party. Time with Lisa and Dave. What’s especially good about this way of traveling is that time opens up with lots of possibilities, and lots of time to stop and draw.